About Us

What if your stylish apparel did good for others? Introducing Cloth + Karma, your brand new win-win. C+K is your one-stop online shopping experience for exclusive tees, tanks, leggings, cozy loungewear, raw diamond jewelry, and more, all of which significantly benefits a range of causes with every single purchase, no exceptions. Who can feel guilty about shopping when it gives back?

Owner and founder Tara Mikolay is the creative virtuoso behind Cloth + Karma. Tara’s love of design began as she worked side-by-side with husband, Scott Mikolay, to build a luxury jewelry brick-and-mortar and e-commerce store called Desires by Mikolay and later, Devout, her own line of everyday raw diamond jewelry. Tara’s extensive background in social work has always colored her multi-million dollar jewelry brand, and armed with those brilliant successes as well as a dream to enter the apparel industry, she knew it was time to make philanthropy the norm rather than an occasion. Thus, the Cloth + Karma brand was born!

While Cloth + Karma supports serious causes, Tara’s original designs often feature encouraging and playful messages about freedom, the splendor of nature, spirituality, and acts of kindness. The joie de vivre that surrounds Cloth + Karma is propelled on the core belief that we are all made up of one shared humanity and we can all do our part to repair our world. In a time of political turmoil and cynicism, Cloth + Karma seeks to reminds its customers of the hope and positivity that is truly everywhere to be found.

Cloth + Karma’s brand is about making women look and feel good in conscious and ethically made apparel that directly supports a variety of worthy nonprofits with every single purchase. As such, C+K customers are offered the unique opportunity to support small-to-medium-sized philanthropic efforts that genuinely speak to their hearts and minds. These nonprofits were hand-selected by the C+K team and each partnership agreement was thoroughly discussed between each party, so rest assured that these organizations do exactly what they advertise, operate with little overhead costs, provide transparent financial reports on their websites, and are devoted towards their respective cause. Cloth + Karma spent hours searching through nonprofits to choose the ones as passionate about their mission as we are! Cloth + Karma intends to have a positive global impact by supporting causes ranging from LGBTQ+ rights to animal welfare to the clean water crisis and everything in between. The casual gym-to-street clothing that Cloth + Karma designs in-house allows women to be better shoppers and people as a whole. Join the Karma Crew and never look back!

Read more about our Charitable Partners here.